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Julianne Ziefle

photo by Lee Peterson Marine Camera Distributors


Julianne Ziefle is an award-winning speaker, photographer and media professional. She is best known for helping schools in the Papua New Guinea and Fiji from 1992-1997.  She was a guest lecturer for over 20 years and lectured in local schools. Photo by Steve Exum


In June of 2011, Julianne and her husband, Bill, moved from their home in The Woodlands, TX to Durham, North Carolina where Bill is working for DAN (Divers Alert Network) as President and CEO. 


She is a talented woman with interests in Underwater Environmental matters, Underwater Filmmaking and Publishing, Underwater Archaeology (having done fundraising for INA at Texas A&M for some time in the 90's.  "I had a period of time where i was unable to dive,but now, I'm back! Since Bill's job has taken him around the world he always buys me a ticket to go along.  For at least the past 20 years her passion has been in fundraising for causes close to her heart whether it is co-chairing a gala or silent auction event.



Julianne she still enjoys writing and even consulting for other photographers on getting their works published.  She most recently sold the image of a shark that had no dorsal fin, a rusty hook in it's mouth, the membrane over it's left eye is closed and fishing line longer than the shark which will be published in an upcoming issue of Asian Diver Magazine. See image below.


Some of the best days of herlife were spent working in media and teaching marine science education.  Now that she is taking images again, she hope you will see her in more magazines.  She is currently using a Canon G1X. 






Between 1996 and 2000, when she wasn't scuba diving, Julianne enjoyed watching and photographing Olympic divers (springboard and platform) of the Russian and US teams.  In 2000, she was fortunate to get tickets to a young woman she'd followed since the age of 16, Laura Wilkinson.



In 2002 Julianne was nominated by Hillary Viders, PhD to the Women Diver's Hall of Fame and was inducted that same year. https:// www.wdhof.org.  The primary focus of this group of elite women in scuba diving is to administer scholarships so I encourage you to visit if you are studying or planning to learn to scuba dive.


In 2006, Julianne was able to get her niece, Amanda Firmin, certified while she visited her in TX and she subsequently did her first Open Water dive with both Julianne, Bill and divers on the DAN Board to the NOAA underwater scientific habitat known as "Aquarius".



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Skilled Photographer

As a professional photographer, Julianne's photographs have appeared in numerous diving publications and corporate annual reports, catalogs and newspapers. Her corporate clients include Hitachi, LifeCell, Houston Chronicle, Russian Diving Federation, The Villager, and The Woodlands Athletic Center Alert Diver and WDHOF materials.


Julianne represented Prof. Dr. Hans Hass of Austria from 1998 through 2002.   He inspired many generations of Scuba Divers. 


Julianne strongly urges young people to learn more about the history of the oceans. Historical Diving Society is a great resource for learning.  HDS USA publishs a great magazine a member benefit, in an effort to help others learn about the history of diving.  Many of her former clients were commissioned by

National Geographic,

Discovery Chanel,

The History Channel

and magazines including

BBC Wildlife Magazine,

International Wildlife Federation,

Dive International,

Skin Diver Magazine,

Sport Diver,

Conde Nast Traveler,


and many more.



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