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Mangroves - a photo essay





Mangroves are a predominate form of vegetation in the tropical zones. These hermaphroditic plants provide a crucial link in the marine ecosystem.

They are a rich and varied food source that supports an environment teeming with life. Their arching prop roots may become completely covered at high tide. The tree itself provides shelter and hiding places for creatures swimming, crawling or flying by.

The crown of the tree is the ideal nesting place for nesting birds such as this nesting blue-footed boobie.


Decaying mangrove leaves release nutrients into the water which would otherwise be nutrient poor.

Frequently harvested for their firewood and wood carvings or perhaps for a better ocean view, the sediment once filtered by them makes its way to the coral reef virtually smothering the coral animals.

Jean-Michel Cousteau has implemented a program whereby locales are replanting and restoring devasted Mangrove.


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Skilled Photographer

As a professional photographer, Julianne's photographs have appeared in numerous diving publications and corporate annual reports. Her corporate clients include Hitachi, LifeCell, Houston Chronicle, Russian Diving Federation and The Woodlands Athletic Center.

Talent in Abundance

Julianne is a talented, woman with interests in Underwater Environmental matters, Underwater Filmmaking and Publishing.

Julianne currently agents:

Michael Jung (an Austrian author who specializes in the history of dive technology). Michael is also Hans Hass' (pioneer of Underwater Swimdiving) biographer and Jeff Pantukhoff, founder of The Whaleman Foundation.

Many of Julianne's clients both present and past have been commissioned by

National Geographic, Discovery, The History Channel and magazines including BBC Wildlife Magazine, International Wildlife Federation, Dive International, Skin Diver Magazine, Sport Diver, Conde Nast Traveler, Departures, and many more.


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A Word About The Photographer

Julianne Ziefle has been entertaining and educating in the Classroom since 1989. In 1994 while a particpant in Jean-Michel Cousteau's Project Ocean Search, she photographed this photo essay on Mangroves. Mangroves are a vital link in the marine ecosystem. To learn more about them and how they build landmass, protect people, property and habitat, come in and have a cyberseat. Learn all you can and help protect Our Environment.

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