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Julianne Ziefle's portfolio

by Julianne Ziefle copyright 1992
M/V Telita in the Morning, Papua New Guinea


chromodoris nudibranch, copyright Julianne Ziefle

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What's New:

Julianne is a talented, woman with interests in Underwater Environmental matters, Underwater Photography and Filmmaking.  She studied Publishing at Rice University in 1997.  She plans on writing a memoir and continuing her education in the field of audio visual media through the local college.

Julianne currently agents: Bob & Dinah Halstead of Papua New Guinea and Cairns and Michael Jung (an Austrian author who specializes in the history of dive technology). 

Julianne has also represented Hans Hass, Stan Waterman and Douglas David Seifert aka bwana. 

In September of 1998 Julianne Ziefle and James Forte Chaired The Hans & Lotte Hass Film Festival at the famous Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Emory Kristof, Al Giddings, Sylvia Earle and Stan Waterman where among the underwater celebrities to honor Dr. Hass and his wife, Lotte.  Zale Parry and Dr. Phil Nyutten were also present.

In January of 1999, Julianne was elected by the Board of Directors of the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences to be the Director of Special Events.  The following year she was able to combine three award giving organization into one and the 2000 Dive Industry Awards Gala was held.   In there ceremony James Cameron was inducted into the NOGI Fellowship.  More about the NOGI can be found at their web site.

"One of my main goals once I learned of Hans and Lotte Hass was to educate others.  Here was an opportunity to let people know that he was the man before Jacques Yves Cousteau.  In January of 1999 Leslie Leaney (President, Historical Diving Society) and I accepted two NOGI Awards One for Science and the other for Arts on behalf of Dr. Hass.  Afterwards we traveled to the BOOT Show in Dusseldorf, Germany where we presented the Awards, the most prestigious Award in Scuba Diving.  This event was sponsored by Bob Hollis of Oceanic and Bill Ziefle who matched the funds necessary to make the trip for the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.  It was also a great honor to present Lotte Hass the Women's Scuba Association's Lifetime Achievement Award from Women's Scuba Association now the Women Diver's Hall of Fame. 

At that event, Julianne managed to get Jean-Michel Cousteau's team member, Tom Ordway to film a piece for Dr. Hass which I plan on placing on this web site and/or youtube shortly.  It was a Happy Birthday and Congratulatory message that validated that "we have followed in his footsteps".  For Julianne, this was extremely meaningful.  A short clip was also played by Ernie Brooks.

During my tenure with Dr. Hass she helped make several films with National Geographic (2 films); Modern Marvels for The History Channel and "Ocean's History" by Jack McKinney.



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