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Julianne Ziefle enjoys spending her time working in media and education, specializing in the Ocean realm. She is a professional photographer specializing in marine life habitats in addition to Competitive Platform and Springboard Diving. She has also done work on Corporate Annual Reports.Julz

During the past six years, Julianne has enjoyed watching and photographing Laura Wilkinson's rise to Gold Medal winner of the Women's 10M Event in Sydney 2000 Olympics. Julianne participates in

(i) consulting with artistic clients in the sale of manuscripts, assignments, stock photography and documentary filmmaking;

(ii) Educating children about marine habitats; and,

(iii) Contributing to humanity through participation in charitable activities.

Activities include marketing and media expertise including 12 years Internet experience; writing code; use of graphic design skills; communications and business skills. Julianne is a talented, woman with interests in Underwater Environmental matters, Underwater Filmmaking and Publishing.

She currently agents: Michael Jung (an Austrian author who specializes in the history of dive technology). Michael is also Hans Hass' (pioneer of Underwater Swimdiving) biographer andJeff Pantukhoff, founder of The Whaleman Foundation. Many of Julianne's clients both present and past have been commissioned by National Geographic, Discovery, The History Channel and magazines including BBC Wildlife Magazine, International Wildlife Federation, Dive International, Skin Diver Magazine, Sport Diver, Conde Nast Traveler, Departures, and many more.

Through her web link to "Julianne’s Ocean Adventures",she has established an online classroom for children which provides photographs and basic information about marine habitats and related environmental issues.

In conjunction with her travels around the world, Julianne has been responsible for providing books and other educational materials to community schools in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. She conducts an annual lecture tour for the children in her local school district and a regional show, "SeaSpace" each May/June since 1992.

Her charitable activities include work with many non-profit organizations: The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences , Director of Special Projects; Divers Alert Network (active volunteer since 1989 and current member of development steering committee); Historical Diving Society USA (co-chair of the 1998 Hans Hass Film Festival); Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, The Houston Golf Association PGA Event and most recently, The Coral Reef Alliance.

As a professional photographer, Julianne's photographs have appeared in numerous diving publications and corporate annual reports. Her corporate clients include Hitachi, LifeCell, Houston Chronicle, Russian Diving Federation and The Woodlands Athletic Center.

This past year a photograph of an unidentified species of fish was published in D.A.N.'s Alert Diver (July/Aug). Smithsonian's Biologist Ross Robertson, contacted Julianne and the image was further studied to reveal that she had indeed captured a rare species of fusilier. A follow-up article insued (Nov/Dec.) and it was noted that this fish had never been seen in Coco's Islands where it was photographed in 1989.


American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP);

Divers Alert Network (DAN);

Center for Marine Conservation (CMC);

Nikon Professional Services (NPS);

Historical Diving Society (HDS);

National Geographic Society

MASTER SCUBA DIVER Coral Reef Alliance and

Ocean Futures


Divers Alert Network: Outstanding Volunteer Award (1999) Letters of Commendation (1991 — 1999)

The Cousteau Society: Letter of Commendation for work on "Rights of Future Generations" campaign from Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1994)

Conroe Independent School District's P.I.E. "Patrons Influencing Education" (1994)

Houston Underwater Club: Special Mention in SeaSpace Photo Competition (1994 - 1995)

Nomination into Women's Divers Hall of Fame by Hillary Viders, PhD in January 2001.



Julianne is a 1997 graduate of the Rice University Publishing Program and holds a Liberal Arts Degee from Montgomery Community College where she studied, art, psychology and philosophy. She worked for eight years as a legal assistant and has spent most of the last 10 years in the marketing of books, articles, photographs and films related to the underwater world. Julianne has been an active scuba diver since 1985 and has traveled to the world’s most premiere dive destinations, diving from some of the finest liveaboard dive vessels in the world. Including many areas in the Caribbean: Bonaire, Caymans, Virgin Islands, and South Pacific: Coco’s Islands, Fiji, Chuuk, Palau, Yap, Solomons, and Papua New Guinea.

In 1994 Julianne joined Jean-Michel Cousteau on Project Ocean Search in Fiji and studied with Jean-Michel, Dr. Richard Murphy, Scott Frier, Tom Ordway and Louis Prezlin. In 1997 she advanced her study of underwater photography through work with renowned photographer’s Chris Newbert and Birgitte Wilms in the Solomon Islands. She has also been an active participant in seminars and lectures presented at DEMA and Houston’s Seaspace.

In 1999 Julianne was elected to the position of Director of Special Projects by The Academy of Underwater Arts and Science, presenters of the prestigious and oldest underwater award-giving organization NOGI Awards given annually at DEMA. In this capacity she helped create the Dive Industry Awards Gala and a web site. The January 2000 Gala in which she co-chaired The Inaugural Dive Industry Awards Gala honored James Cameron, Albert Falco, Andre Galern, Andreas Richnitzer, Cathy Church and Bob Hollis, just to name a few. It was a beautiful, memorable and successful event to honor the great men and women of the Underwater World. Jean-Michel Cousteau auctioned a book written by his father, the late Jacques Yves Cousteau, Silent World. Two were auctioned at $5,000.00 each. Phil Nyutten auctioned a ride in DeepWater Worker, a submersible vehicle for $4,500. All proceeds benefited The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, The Historical Diving Society and DEMA.

In April 2000, Julianne and her husband Bill enjoyed a trip to Fiji aboard M/V Naia IMAX project.

After an incredible adventure to the Sydney Olympic Games where Julianne's long time subject and friend, diver, Laura Wilkinson Julianne stayed in Cairns and Tinaroo Northern Queensland (known also as The Tablelands) in Northern Queensland where she visited with Bob & Dinah Halstead "the folks who made New Guinea famous".

This trip was so fulfilling that Julianne and Bill returned to spend their 2000 Christmas in Cairns and Tinaroo.

Unfortunately, no diving, just a lot of diving tales where shared with diving friends, Bob and Dinah Halstead and Craig and Michell de Wit of M/V Golden Dawn.

Look for Bob Halstead's books on Diving in Papua New Guinea.

Also, look for more articles and photos that will become a part of this site in the near future.

Plans for 2001 include revisiting at least one school in Papua New Guinea where books were provided to report the progress of Global Friends project. This will involve a trip to Walindi Plantation on West New Britian in Papua New Guinea. Julianne will also hope to visit Sawasawaga School in Milne Bay in April 2001.


Again, hopefully I will be able to keep friends and colleagues informed through this site.

Skilled Photographer

As a professional photographer, Julianne's photographs have appeared in numerous diving publications and corporate annual reports. Her corporate clients include Hitachi, LifeCell, Houston Chronicle, Russian Diving Federation and The Woodlands Athletic Center.

Talent in Abundance

Julianne is a talented, woman with interests in Underwater Environmental matters, Underwater Filmmaking and Publishing.




In April I visited dive friends, Lynn Funkhouser, Nancy Clark and Gaar Strattan. I was invited by my friends to join a dinner hosted by the Lamar-Strattan Group at Nicks Fishmarket. It was exquisite. Chicago is a beautiful place in the summer. We had beautiful weather and enjoyed the art of sofas around the city. Nancy and I did an architectural and what visit would be complete without seeing the Shedd Aquarium's new additions. Lynn has been consulting on the new Asian wing which should be completed sometime in 2002, dependent upon the weather.
Lee was a doll and we had some great shopping adventures the Lee, Nancy and myself traversing the magnificient mile. Elizabeth and Sara were a blast to shop with. Next time we will have to leave Gaar at home tho. Just kidding Gaar.

Bill completed his MBA program at Duke Univeristy on August 5th. We rented a beautiful 3 story beach home with 6 Bedrooms,4 Baths in Frisco near Cape Hatteras. It was very beautiful with spectacular views of the Ocean. We went fishing with Fishin' Frenzi, diving with a "full service" operation bearing the name Cape Hatteras only full service dive facility and in fact, the diver has to not only carry the take back to his/her place of residence nad then bring them both to the boat if you want to dive two times. This made many of us mad and rightly so. I'm sorry but I will not recommend the Outer Banks Diving for that reason. That was only a 1/2 day excursion counting out the time involved in getting prepared with weights and tanks. BTW, they said, at the end of hte dive that the dive master do not get paid except for the tips which you give to them So please take care of our dive masters today" said the Captain. $87.50 per day with no service. Don't think so! Back at the house, we watched fantastic sunsets with elegant cooking. We had several cooks in the house so we had California Rolls with all the fixin's. We caught fresh Wahoo so we had beautiful steaks grilled on the Bar-B-Que. There were kids of all ages, but we were here to celebrate the completion of the WEMBA 2001 Program.

Bill will accept his degree and give a speech at the ceremoney which will be held on the Fourteenth of October at Page Autorium on the Duke Campus.

One of Bill's' classmates started a new web venture that aims at high school guidance gounselors so that they can offer every available opportunity to kids. It is a special project with definitive needs which must be met in the coming generations. We've watched a generation or two flounder and feel overwhelmed with the decision they face after High School Graduation. Future For Kids.org will help address those needs. It has was endorsed by the Class of 2001 and many powerful people are embracing the idea, more importantly, one that can reach everyone.

Early August, I went to San Diego to work with Noelle Barger on some of the development programs for the San Diego Oceans Foundation. Until today, and for the past six months or so, we had been working together on grant projects via computer. To make a short story even shorter, I was ill when I came off the airplane and did not recover in 3 days so I made a quick exit home. I'm feeling better now. I do hope to continue to work with them as their needs warrant. I don't think Dick's ever going to let me live until I've dove the HMS YUKON. This is truly an anomoly created by man. I can't wait to see it. Scraped to it's bare bone and gutted completed, it is a refuge for fish and a healthy substrate for invetebrates. This solves a very important problem and will be evaluated on a case by case basis for the sinking of several more Navy Warships too costly to scrap and with which a win/win environmental situation can be made in coastal waters around the United States. It's an answer for both fishing and a dying ocean. You can read more about it at www.sdoceans.org or talk to Noelle Barger at 619-523-1903.

We're thinking about a dive trip just to get away from it all and hopefully gain new vision. I can take some new photographs to complete a story about PNG, a unique spin given my work overseas. Thank you for spending time here. Safe Diving!

Al Giddings invited us to his place in Pray, Montana, but we're going to most likely take in some diving and visit him another time. Hans and Lotte Hass will be in the United States for the Jackson Hole Wyoming Wildlife FilmFestival. www.jhfilmfestival.org if you'd like more information. It is $1000 plus room and meals. But I'm sure it will be a great time.Delta Willis

I decided to give my room to a new friend, Delta Willis. Delta has written several books and many articles about Africa so if you are interested in travelling to Africa, please check out her site

Travel to Africa with Delta Willis

Visit again soon,



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