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MV Spirit of Solomons


Our absolutely favorite dive vacation was experienced in Solomon Islands. At babycakes, a dive site soon to be famous, we had thrilling experiences. Flourescent nudibranchs, sleeping nurse shark, stargazers, mating octopus and more.

MV Spirit of Solomons

Fantastic diving awaits the diver in The Solomons. The luxury dive liveaboard MV Spirit of Solomons is a very comfortable, spacious air-conditioned 125' dive yacht. Well equipped to visit some of the more remote dive sites in the Solomon groups, we thoroughly enjoyed a Christmas vacation onboard this vessel. Our host and hostess were Paul Johns and Vicki Pauli who were incredibly accomodating and entertaining. Vicki made sure we understood the habitats and the critters who occupied them.

MV Spirit of Solomons

This trip can easily be made numerous times without even a threat of boredom.


Some of the rare creatures we saw were the Cockatoo waspfish, radar mantis shrimp and leaf scorpionfish. Besides the rare macro critters, we were in awe at Mary Island where we had schooling barracuda, travelis and reef sharks.

Skilled Photographer

As a professional photographer, Julianne's photographs have appeared in numerous diving publications and corporate annual reports. Her corporate clients include Hitachi, LifeCell, Houston Chronicle, Russian Diving Federation and The Woodlands Athletic Center.

Solomon Islands

Bilikiki Cruises Ltd. is the premier dive operator in the Solomon Islands. Operating two live-aboard ships, MV Bilikiki and MV Spirit of Solomons, divers are offered superb diving opportunities, from ships consistently rated among the best live-aboards in the world.


Both MV Bilikiki and MV Spirit of Solomons operate from Honiara, on Guadalcanal Island, to dive sites in the Florida Islands, the Russell Islands, Mborokua (Mary) Island and Marovo Lagoon in the New Georgia Islands.

The walls, reefs, pinnacles and coral gardens of Solomon Islands support an amazing variety and quantity of sea creatures. The varieties of fish are staggering. Within a few yards of each other, individually or in schools can be seen anemone fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, humphead parrot fish and other reef dwellers while just a short distance away schools of barracuda, big-eye trevally and other pelagics cruise in the blue waters.

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